Books on Louisa May Alcott

Having been enchanted by the lively world of Little Women, one might come to wonder at the certain gravity about the portrait of its authoress. This series of book projects shines a light on the life story of Louisa May Alcott, hoping to redefine the image of this renowned writer by illustrating the hardships and strengths behind the beauty.

In the Garret: a poem | pop-up book, 12 pages
Using the poem from Little Women as a thread, this book draws a parallel between the March sisters and the Alcott sisters, celebrating the power of the authoress to transform the bleaker reality into a work of art that inspires generations to come.

Louisa May Alcott in the Civil War | tunnel book, 6 layers
This book pieces together a pivotal moment in Alcott’s life, where she volunteered as a Civil War nurse and traded her health for a breakthrough in literary endeavours.

Thirty Years Old | carousel book, 14 pages
A reiteration of the previous idea, narrowing down to Alcott's experience at the Union Hospital, providing a glimpse into the Civil War era through the narratives of Alcott’s journal entries. The interior contrasts the exterior for a revealing effect.