In the Kitchen
2023 | picture book work in progress

Title (provisional): In the Kitchen

Format: Square, color, 32 pages.

Literary Genre: Narrative prose. Suitable for young readers.

Pictorial Genre: After the style of blue and white delftware and Chinese porcelain, with decorative motifs and subject matters associated with rural living.

Plot: In the kitchen, the blue and white scenes painted on tiles, plates, and vases come alive and begin to interact with one another.

Setting: A contemporary kitchen with historic ceramics, with visual references to the Dutch Golden Age and international trade.

Theme: Warmth of community, lessons in the countryside; common ground in different cultures

Educational Potential:
Introduction to blue and white ceramics

Relevant Books:
Le Livre qui avait un trou (Héron); Our Fort (Dorléans); Ernest et Célestine (Vincent)